Sunday Morning Services: 09:30am  Wednesday Mid-Week Services: 19:30pm  Youth: Friday's 19:30pm  Choir/Musicians Practice: Tuesday's 19:30pm
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About Us


Spoken Word Tabernacle was built on the auspices and divine influence of the message of the hour given to us by God through the prophet William Marrion Branham.
We strive at this church to fulfill the sound fundamentals of the true spirit namely: Love, Grace and Brotherly kindness.
We believe according to the scriptures that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone and he is also the headstone. Our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ compels us to bring our church under subjection to the power of the spirit. 


“Not by Power, not by might, but by my spirit” saith the Lord. Not by organization, not by denomination, but by the Holy Spirit, God will bring forth the church in the last days. 
– Quote: The message of “Grace”